eCommerce Essentials

R15,000.00 R9,500.00


What’s inside:

  1. Seamless Merchant  Registration
  2. 3 Keyword Strategy (Once-Off)
  3. Secure Socket Layer  (SSL Encryption):
    $10,000 Warranty
    99% Browser Ubiquity
    256 bit SSL encryption
  4. Online Live Chat
  5. Hosting (Unlimited Bandwidth)
  6. Email Software/System Integration
  7. Google Analytics (T&Cs)
  8. Google Search Console (T&Cs)

    Client Responsibilities:

    1. Logo submission in high resolution resolution (Acceptable formats are .png,. svg, .eps)
    2. Inventory Images 
    3. Inventory/Product List
    4. Textual Content for products and pages
    5. Corporate Videos
    6. Social Media Page Links
    7. Copyrighted Photographs and/or Images
    8. SEO Ready Content
    9. Good My Business Location


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