Tips: Want to Design a Viral Logo?

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Regardless if you run a small company or a transnational corporation, the sole purpose of the logo can never be overlooked. Having an efficient logo is not just about making your products look visually attractive, but also to express your message to your visitors. Talk about the all time well known symbol design of FedEx. In the 70s, the business had a diagonalFederal Express logo that was altered later on in 1994 to the present one. That logo since then became a worldwide famous brand identity.

What did this one change do? The new symbol FedEx comes with an arrow between E and X which means their forward motion and strategy. This one small change in the symbol has made the business stand out from the rest. From the above-given instance, you could make out the impact an effective logo may have on your business. Not only FedEx, numerous other businesses have reaped great advantages by introducing viral logos. Generally, beginner designers and entrepreneurs ponder over the various types of logo layouts and wonder how to choose one for their company. Well, there is no hard and fast rule to really choose or create a logo, but with a few helpful hints, you may give your business what it deserves – a great brand identity.

The term viral advertising was coined to determine things which have the power of quickly grasping an individual’s attention. What could make a logo design viral? The answer to that’s fairly simple – originality, simplicity, and importance of the trade, may all make the logo viral. Frequently, company owners are misled with the idea of making distinctive logos. They’re driven towards making logo designs which are extremely colorful and complicated. Therefore, this makes their logo designs hard to understand. A good viral logo must be something like FedEx – simple to understand, simple to remember and decent enough to depict a great picture of the company.

Even though it’s a technical aspect, it plays an integral role in identifying the success of your logo. A good logo may always look attractive aside from its size. Regardless if you expand it to get a billboard or you make it little for a water bottle, it’ll always have the same appeal. Last, but not least, your logo must be relevant to your business. The impression your logo could make must be scaled down to the impact you would like to make. A witty symbol on a dental clinic brochure would not do the trick.

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